Seniors for Change requires volunteers for the following. Please tick areas where you would like to offer your help:*

Creating Awareness about Seniors for Change:

Fund Raising:

Organizing Events:


A brief concept note highlighting event concept, target audience, publicity campaign plans, fund-generation plans, costs, funds monitoring systems, what % proceeds to Seniors for Change, needs to be sent toSeniors for Change at least a month in advance. After approval from Seniors for Change, you may proceed with organizing the event. Literature to be displayed will be provided by Seniors for Change.

New Ideas:

A concept note to be sent to Seniors for Change for approval. Post approval of concept, literature/posters etc. will be supplied by Seniors for Change. Organize large-scale events, sell tickets, manage backstage work, etc. getting sponsorship.

Seniors for Change norms that a volunteer should adhere to:

  • No cash donations may be collected by any volunteer. As far as possible, motivate people to send their donations via Cheques/DDs directly to Seniors for Change.
  • All Seniors for Change literature will be developed by Seniors for Change. Any modifications must have Seniors for Change’s prior approval. Volunteers may not release any material pertaining to Seniors for Change, in the media (TV/ radio/magazines/newspapers/newsletters etc.), without seeking Seniors for Change’s prior approval.
  • All Seniors for Change activities should be coordinated through the contact point in Seniors for Change. Please do not directly interface on projects, and with other departments of Seniors for Change.
  • Volunteers wishing to visit any Seniors for Change project, to please allow at least 2 months’ notice. All related costs (travel, local travel, boarding and lodging etc.) to be borne by them.